Transnordic Hydraulics Limited are pleased to promote the Scanreco RC400 complete radio remote control system.

The RC400 is a complete remote control system for proportional control of mobile cranes and machinery. Thousands of cranes with the RC400 remote control system are in use every day world-wide – from laying district heating pipes in Stockholm to hoisting oil pipes in Russia or concrete prefabrications in Saudi-Arabia. Our customers include some of the world's largest and most demanding crane and machinery manufacturers. The RC400 system is based on a highly flexible modular architecture, which makes it possible effectively to customise each system to the user's specific needs and requirements.

The RC400 provides the crane operator with an extremely easy-to-use remote control facility, providing fast response, precision and full control with maximum safety, using either a three-core cable or a radio link to the crane. Radio control gives the operator maximum freedom of movement while working. The system uses very advanced microprocessor technology, coupled with the ability to change radio channels during operation if needed. The receiver incorporates duplicate processors, which compare and check the data signal from the control unit for maximum safety.

The control unit: The low-weight, impact-resistant and weatherproof operator's unit delivers excellent functionality and ergonomic design, with space for up to eight control joysticks. The crane function's working speeds are proportional to the joystick positions. Each joystick provides stepless control, with spring return to the off position for inherent safety. As standard, there are five creep speed steps - 60 %, 50 %, 40 %, 30 % and 20 % - with the entire joystick travel being used for speed control.

Transnordic Hydraulics Limited are official UK distributors of all Scanreco products.

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